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Originally, this was a blog entry.  Since it has proven to be a popular resource, I’ve gone ahead and turned it into a page.  I will no longer update the original blog entry; instead, I will only be updating this page. Back in the day (which wasn’t all that long ago) when I ran the SDA for my grad school, I put together a list of blogs that talked about the blogger’s experience with the dietetic internship.  I found a lot of those blogs to be useful and inspiring, which is why I started this blog. Anyhow, I thought it might be useful to share the list.  I update this list every time I come across a blog I don’t have listed, so keep checking back.  If you know of other blogs that give a lot of information about being a dietetic intern or what a particular DI program is like, let me know!  I’ll be sure to add it to the list.

LIST OF DIETETIC INTERNSHIP BLOGS WVU Dietetic Interns (I think this may be a requirement at WVU as it seems a lot of their interns blog):  <—   Click on “My Journey” to read about her internship.


University of Maryland College Park Dietetic Interns Twitter account for the internship:  <— Former intern (2010-2011) at University of Maryland College Park, one of the few DI programs with a focus on Information Technology and Communication.  Very good blog chronicling her experiences before, during, and now after the internship. <—- Former intern at UMD.  Her professional website,, has examples of what she did during her internship.  (Look under “Work Samples.”)  <—Group  blog written by the 2012-2013 interns at University of Maryland chronicling their experiences during the internship <— 2012-2013 UMD intern.  She contributes to the group blog above but also puts some of her personal experiences here and has good information about the UMD internship.  (See the link on the left hand side of the page.)  <—  2012-2013 UMD intern.  Has an online portfolio which is good if you’re looking for examples of online portfolios.  Click on “online portfolio” from the About drop down menu.

————————————————————   <—- 2012-2013 intern at Cal Poly SLO (California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo).  She uses a lot of memes in her posts but her posts are fun to read.  Good for reading the posts of pre-internship and current internship.   <— former MS and intern (2009-2010) at Meredith College.  Click on the label “dietetic internship” to read posts just about her experiences during the internship and what she did to prep for the internship  <— Did her MS at UNC-CH and internship in the DC area.  Has a great post about “How to Become an RD.”  (See her FAQ for the link.)  <— Did the combined program at UNC-CH.  Has a great post about all the FAQs she gets about dietetic internships.  See her FAQ for the link.  <- Became an RD after finishing her internship at Beth Isreal Deaconess Medical Center in August 2012. Type “internship” in the search field on the right side of the page to find the posts about pre- and during internship.  <–  2012-2013 intern at Ohio State University.  Click on “Becoming an RD” at the top for all her internship related posts.  She does a really great job with social media and is active on Twitter, too. <— Another OSU intern.  Search field is on the bottom right. <—  Group blog written by the dietetic interns at Saint Louis University.  <—Current RD in Virginia.  Has good advice about getting an internship, including a Kernel of Wisdom project.  Type “internship” in the search field at the top to find all internship-related posts in her blog.  <—   This blog is devoted entirely to her experiences as an intern at TCU. <– RD that just finished her Western Michigan University internship in June 2012.  Search “internship” on the right to find all relevant posts.  <– Baylor Medical University dietetic intern.  Has many good posts about her internships and the application process.  Search “internship” to find all internship-related posts.   <—  2012-2013 intern in NY.  Internship-related posts are tagged with “dietetic internship.”   <—- Another  intern in NY.  Most posts are internship related.  <— 2012-2013 intern in Florida.  Click on the tag “dietetic internship” on the right hand side to pull up all internship-related posts.   <—- Current RD that just finished her dietetic internship at University of North Colorado.  Search “internship” to get internship-related posts.   <—-  Keene State College intern.  All posts are about the internship.   <——  Army wife who is part of  the University of Delaware’s Distance program for dietetic interns.  Posts are a mix of personal and internship.  Use the search on the right to find internship related posts.  <—- Recently credentialed RD (Nov 2012) who did her internship at NYU.  Use the search function at the bottom right to find internship related posts.  <—— CMU intern  <—- Former intern at University of Kentucky Lexington.   <—–Intern at Lenoir-Rhyne.  Click on “dietetic internship” under Categories to pull up internship related posts. <—  internship at UMDNJ. <—– Former intern at Marywood University distance program.  Applied multiple times before acceptance and is very forthcoming about the emotional rollercoaster that is the dietetic internship process.  <—— Former intern at Sea Mar Community Health Center  <—– Former Iowa State intern   <–  RD that worked for a couple of years after undergrad before returning to become RD.  Did her internship at Winthrop in South Carolina.   <—-  RD that did her internship in Buffalo, NY.  Use the search funtion on the right to find internship related posts.  <—–   Florida Hospital in Orlando dietetic internship.  <—— Another intern in NYC  <—– RD that completed her internship with Sodexo.  Has a couple of good posts about getting an internship and how to deal with a distance internship.  <—– Internship with Ball State.  Has lots of good information for interns and intern hopefuls.  <—-  Emily Program Dietetic Internship  <—– Former Tufts intern  <—-  intern in Canada with excellent posts giving “Insight into Internship.”  Some of her experience will be very different than that of a US intern  <—- Former intern at Stony Brook U <—- Great resource for anyone wanting to become an RD   <—- Humorous look at the DI application process   <——— Humorous look at being an intern   <—– intern in Idaho.  Has good tips for what to do before each rotation.   <—- Intern in Boston, now blogging as an RD at  Has a really good post, “How to Make the Most of Your Dietetic Internship.”  <— Intern at Massachusetts General  <—- Hines VA intern who is very frank about the matching process <—    Did the internship at Brigham and Women’s Hospital  <— Intern at Long Island University/CW post  <— Intern at Beth Isreal Deaconess Medical Center <— Intern at Mount Mary College  <—- Intern at Utah State <———-  Utah State distance program <———-  UAMS intern  <— Lehman College intern  <— College Park intern  <— Morrison Chartwells intern (distance)  <—  Sage College (distance) intern  <—University of Alabama Birmingham intern  <—– Cal State Santa Barbara (CSUSB) ISPP intern <—-  Bluffton University ISPP intern  <—- Oregon State University intern <—Intern in Tri Cities, WA <— Intern with Fraser Health (Canada) <— Intern in Wenatchee, WA <—- Intern with National HealthCare corporation  <— Group blog by interns from James Madison University <— Intern in Denver, CO <—- Intern in Charlotte, NC <—- University of Tennessee, Knoxville intern  <—- Eastern Michigan University intern  <—— Ohio State University intern


8 thoughts on “List of DI blogs

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    • Thanks for the link – I added it above.

      I think it’s really cool that your program required a blog. Did you have classes or workshops on how to increase visibility, marketing, coming up with blog entries, etc?

      • It ended up being a pretty cool requirement, though we were unsure about the added work initially. We didn’t receive any classes or workshops, however after a year of my intern class blogging, one of our interns gave a presentation on social media/blogging to the incoming interns, who then also had to start blogs. Kind of learning as you go, and passing on the knowledge. 😛

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