TED Talks, round-up 7

1. Sandra Aamodt: Why dieting doesn’t usually work

So many people fixate on dieting and are convinced that by simply restricting calories (or eliminating one type of food, or adding one special “super” food every day, etc) they’ll be able to lose weight and keep it off.  For them, the belief is that food is the only factor that needs to change when it comes to weight.  Most people forget that the brain plays a role in weight management, too.  Aamodt’s talk barely skims the surface of the brain’s role in weight management, but it’s such a complex topic and her talk is good for a quick intro.  Plus, she touches on mindfulness and food, which is becoming a huge topic.


2. Mick Cornett: How an obese town lost a million pounds

Oklahoma City once was on the list of most obese cities in the United States.  When the list came out, Mayor Cornett at first had a bout of denial.  But he eventually relaized that he and his city needed to lose weight.  Mayor Cornett led the charge for Oklahoma City residents to lose a million pounds by changing infrastructure.  Like Aamodt’s talk, this talk is a good reminder that there is more to weight loss than just watching what you eat – the infrastructure of where we live matters, too.


3. Bill Davenhall: Your health depends on where you live

My internship’s focus was on Health Disparities and one of the topics we discussed was how where you live can affect your health.  Davenhall’s talk does a great job of explaining how geolocating can be tied to our health records to determine what health issues we’re at increased risk for.


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