Life can get in the way sometimes

Sorry for the delay in posts, everyone!  I had finished the DICAS/D&D post back in December and tried to publish it when I was at the airport traveling for the holidays, but something went wrong and I lost the finished product.  The saved draft was an early draft, so I felt really discouraged about writing it again.  Plus, holidays and travel.  And then just life.  I’m having car troubles (the negative 11 degrees made my car very unhappy) so I’m taking public transit, which really cuts into my free time each day.  I’ll have to write about THAT because it’s super important that the internship come first in your life while you’re in the internship (after health, family if you have children, etc) and you do what you gotta do to get there.

I haven’t forgotten this blog, though, and I really want to share about my time in Spinal Cord Injury/Dysfunction because it was amazing.  I’ve also been having an interesting time in my current rotation, Medicine – you meet some real characters in the hospital.  Plus, I have more tips for the application process that I want to share before the application process closes.  Hopefully, I’ll have time this weekend to get another post or two written on that.

So again, sorry for the recent lack of posts.  Once my car troubles get resolved, I should have more time for posts!


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