TED talks, round up 5

1. Nilofer Merchant: Got a meeting? Take a walk

I love this video so much!  Short and sweet but with a powerful message: your constant sitting is killing you.  We’ve all heard this before, but it’s a message that bears repeating.  I sometimes forget to stand up and walk around and will sit for hours at the computer, working on a paper, researching an interesting topic, or just getting lost in fun videos.  I know quite a few RDs who use their lunch hours to go for a walk and I’m trying to incorporate simple walks like the one Merchant talks about into my daily schedule.

2.  Jamie Oliver: Teach every child about food

I don’t normally like Jamie Oliver, but I do like this video because I like the general overall message of “teach children about food.”  His constant pacing around and fluttering around the stage is distracting to me, so I got through this video by closing my eyes, listening to him talk, and then opening my eyes to look at the occasional slide when he referenced them in his speech.  I do recommend watching this talk- he doesn’t just stick to “teach children about food” but eventually progresses to “teach everyone about food,” touching on supermarkets, labeling, and food corporations.

3. Rose George: Let’s talk about crap.  Seriously.

As an RD-to-be who works with RDs and other healthcare professionals (nurses and doctors mostly), poop is something I have to be comfortable talking about.  No, really.  We refer to it in our notes as bowel movements, but when talking with patients, we’ll use words such as “poop” and we ask for descriptions.  In the US, we take for granted our waste and sanitation systems, but for many in the world, inadequate sewage systems leads to a plethora of health problems.  George’s talk is a good reminder that we need to remember sanitation when it comes to public health.  George also talks about “stool donors” and how bathrooms can keep children in school.


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