Food photography: an essential internship skill?

It seems to have become the social norm to take pictures of your food.  I fully admit, I take pictures of food often- mine, other people’s food, food on display, food for sale… I remember one time when one of my photography friends once got exasperated with me arranging things on the table when we were out to eat because I wanted to snap a picture, saying “Not everything needs to be a still life.”


Some of the pictures I’ve used for internship projects completed so far. Carrot soup, Garlicky carrots, and Chicken & Bell Pepper Quesadillas. That last one makes me miss having Photoshop.

As a dietetic intern, you will take pictures of food.  For some interns, this is a blast because you get to practice your budding photography skills.  For others, it’s a chore that just needs to be done for a project or for your portfolio.  No matter the case, you want your photos to be as good as possible because they reflect your work as an intern.  Did you make an excellent recipe using your required ingredients but take a photo that makes your food look unappetizing?  You might find your score dropping on that project.

Now, you don’t have to have a fancy-shmancy camera, lenses, lights and the most expensive high-end photo editing software to take nice pictures of food.  The big thing about taking pictures, like anything else, is practice.  Lots and lots of practice.  Take pictures of everything you eat, then look at the picture and ask yourself, “Does the photo look appetizing?  Why or why not?”  Look at professional photos of food and ask yourself, “Why is this a good picture?”  Doing simple things like that can help you take pictures that are good, and make your internship portfolio look good.

Here are some of my favorite sites for information about food photography:

  • How to take better food pictures with your phone. Let’s be honest: most people taking pictures of food are using their cellphones so they can immediately upload to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+…whatever.  I fully admit to being guilty of that.
  • 5 Tips for Taking Better Food Photos When You Travel.  Whenever I travel, a lot of my pictures are of food.  Mostly because the last few years my travels have been food-related.  Still these are some good tips for taking good food photos when traveling.
  • PopPhoto has a bunch of food-photography articles.  My favorite?  How to Take a Picture in a Restaurant Without Looking Like a Jerk.
  • Feeding Hannibal.  Okay, okay…this isn’t technically a link to tips on food photography.  This is the blog of the food stylist for the show “Hannibal.”  I love the show and the food always looks so gorgeous.  This is a great behind-the-scenes look at food styling and inspiration on how to make your own food look awesome.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to take pictures of my breakfast.


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