TED video round up 4

1.  Russell Foster: Why do we sleep?

Let’s face it, so many of us aren’t getting as much sleep as we should.  I fully admit I’m guilty of that.  I feel my best hours are slightly later than the normal 8-5 work day (I did really well when I had a job that didn’t start until 9, but I struggled when I had classes that started at 7.)  Russell Foster’s video touches on the importance of sleep, tying it in to everything to creativity to weight to schizophrenia.  It’s definititely inspired me to try to fit 8 hours of sleep in every night.

2.  A.J. Jacobs: How healthy living nearly killed me

I have absolutely loved A.J. Jacobs’s books- they’re full of humor and are also pretty educational.  If you haven’t read any of his books, this is a good talk, giving an overview of his trilogy where he tried to improve his mind, spirit, and body.  This talk shares some of the steps he took to be as healthy as he could possibly be, following as much medical advice as possible.  He manages to tie in (at the end) how we can use the same tactics of the fast food industry to promote healthy eating.  Give the video a watch, then go check out his books.

3. Louise Fresco: We need to feed the whole world

I have mixed feelings about this video, but some parts of it really resonate with me.  “Never before has the responsibility to feed the world been in the hands of so few people, and never before have so many people been oblivious of that fact.”  I’ve heard the stats before (1% of the US population is farmers) but I’ve never heard it stated so eloquently.  I also like the fact that she points out that locavorism is usually a luxury and her support of urban agriculture.  No matter what you think about the issues she touches on, it’s worth a watch.


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