Quick update about some changes to this blog.

  • I will no longer be updating the blog entry where I list blogs about dietetic internships.  Instead, I’ve turned that list into a page titled “List of DI Blogs.”  You can access it from any page on this blog.  The link is right under the header, next to the link to the “About” page.  I will be updating the “List of DI Blogs” page when I come accross DI blogs or when people send me one I haven’t linked to.
  • New layout, hopefully one that’s better for a such a text heavy blog.  While I recognize that blog posts with pictures are more attention grabbing, I haven’t been doing too many posts with pictures. This is because I don’t want to accidentally post pictures of something I’m not supposed to.  I know of one intern who posted a picture of her workspace to her Facebook account, forgetting that she had some patient information visible.  Her internship director saw it and made her take the photo down.  I haven’t heard anything more about the situation, but I can only assume she was in a lot of trouble, and I want to avoid getting in that situation, so photos are limited and very carefully selected.
  • I finally read up on Publicize settings.  I really should’ve done this much, much sooner.  After this post, everytime I update this blog, it will be tweeted from my Twitter account (@CtheRD2be).  So if you prefer using Twitter for updates, please make sure you’re following my Twitter account.  I’ve also updated the sharing settings, so hopefully it’ll be easier if you want to share a blog entry with someone.

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