Food Service/Admin: 4 weeks down

Whew!  Four weeks done with the Food Service/Admin rotation!

Getting up early hasn’t gotten any easier, but I’m mostly done with one of our major projects:  our theme meal.  I say “mostly” because we now have to write up a very thorough report on the meal covering everything from budgeting and staffing needs to patient acceptibility and plate waste.  We haven’t done a real analysis of the data we collected yet, but from just a general glance at the trends we think our theme meal was a success.

Everything we did for this rotation so far was leading up to our theme meal on Thursday.  On Friday, the other intern and I felt somewhat… odd.  We weren’t adrift, or lost, or confused… I’m not sure how to describe the feeling – it just felt weird to have finished a project that we had pretty much spent four weeks working on.   While there’s satisfaction in getting job done (and hopefully done well) there is also a bit of -relief? sadness?  eagerness to start a new project? – that it’s over.

Actually, now that I’ve typed that all out…  Mixed emotions.  That’s the best way to describe how we felt on Friday.

Since we’re done working in the kitchen, we’re now to wear white tops with black bottoms.  Part of me is relieved to not have to wear all white anymore, part of me is still annoyed that I have to wear an uniform, and another part of me is cool with the idea of an uniform because I don’t have to think about what I’m going to wear each day.


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