St. Louis Children’s Hospital


The Olson Family Garden on the 8th floor of St. Louis Children’s Hospital for patients and their families

Wow.  I am impressed with St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

Well, at least one level.  I’ve never been a patient or a parent of a patient there, so I can’t speak to the care, but if the Nutrition/Food team is any indication, SLCH is rocking it.  Originally, I was going to write more about my admin/food service rotation, similarities/differences between DI programs, or weekend happenings, but I was just so impressed with SLCH today that I want to write this now.  I’ll get to those other topics later.

Our internship is set up so that we have “class day” every Monday.  Today’s class day was at St. Louis Children’s Hospital where we’ll do our pediatric rotation.  SLCH is a huge contrast to the VA hospitals we’re normally at – a different patient population, a different look… everything is different.  We got a quick glimpse into the food service at SLCH and it’s a different method than the VA so it was really nice to see something we’ve only read about.  (Actually, I always love it when something becomes more than just textbook knowledge.)

The six of us plus an intern from Morrison Chartwell got a crash course in pediatric clinical nutrition and the issues that the SLCH RDs encounter the most.  We got a whole lot of facts about a variety of clinical issues, practiced some calculations, and learned how MNT in pediatrics is different than adult MNT.  It was a full day of lecture after lecture, with a quick tour of the hospital.    I was spellbound the whole time.

Some of the RDs who spoke to us had been in adult nutrition before coming to SLCH and were able to provide their thoughts comparing the two.  Some of the RDs went straight into pediatric nutrition from their internship and never left.  They were all full of wonderful stories about what they do and they were all so excited about their topics, you couldn’t help but be excited, too.

Something many former interns of many different programs have told me is: “You’ll go into the internship thinking you know what you want to do and what you don’t like, but during the internship, you’ll learn what you really like and you might surprise yourself.”  Many would tell me how they thought they would love community, but found their calling in clinical, or vice versa.  

Until today, I didn’t think pediatric clinical nutrition was for me.  Now, though…  I can’t wait until I do my pediatric rotation.

 Maybe it will turn out to be my calling.  

I guess I’ll know by the end of my internship!


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