TED talks: roundup 2

It’s no secret I love TED talks.  I try to limit the number of TED videos I watch at a time because otherwise I get sucked in and next thing I know, hours have gone by.  Here’s are three TED videos pertaining to nutrition, health or food that I’ve recently watched.

1.  Marcel Dicke: Why not eat insects?

It’s always interesting to watch people’s reactions when I let them know that, yes, I really have eaten bugs.  Oh, bugs are not part of my regular diet by any means, (at least not willingly) but when organizations host events that include eating bugs, I’ll try the bugs.  I’ll try everything at least once.  Personally, I think chocolate covered ants aren’t bad and deep-fried mealworms with salt are pretty good.  That’s not to say I’ve liked every bug I’ve tried – there’s video of me very obviously not enjoying a poached mealworm and I think crickets taste like dust.

In the US, we do have to overcome the ingrained feeling of “Ewwww!” when presented with bugs on a plate, but you may just surprise yourself.  Plus, lots of benefits to eating bugs and humans already have the enzyme to do so!  Check out Marcel’s Dicke’s video on why we should eat insects and how we already do!

2. Dean Ornish: Your genes are not your fate

While Dean Ornish is not my favorite presenter, I sometimes enjoy his written works.  This is a super short, 3 minute video, but Ornish’s fast talking pace allows him to pack a lot of information into those 3 minutes.  I like the overall message of this video that healthy lifestyles can affect your future health.

3.  Ann Cooper:  What’s wrong with our school lunches?

This talk is pretty amazing.  Ann Cooper is very passionate about the topic of school lunches and does a very good job of providing statements that can just shock you.  (I’m fairly certain they’re facts, but I can’t guarantee it, so I won’t call them that, but I certainly believe them!)  The one that shocked me the most (but shouldn’t have since I vaguely remember the numbers, but never actually thought to compare them) was that in the US, we have more prisoners than farmers.

She does provide some hope by talking about what some schools are doing.  And she certainly has some choice sound bites.

Definitely check out this video.


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