T minus ten days

Ten days to the start of my internship!  I can’t pinpoint any one particular feeling to sum up how I feel – instead, it seems as though I am running the gamut of emotions, many of them at the same time.  Anxiety, frustration, excitement, anticipation, eagerness to get started, boredom….

I still have a lot to do.  Today, I’ll be playing “Car Jenga,” in which I try to figure out how all the stuff I have is going to fit in my car and then decide if I’m going to list more stuff on Craigslist or just give it all away to friends.  Once I do that, I’ll do a little more packing and then review my MNT notes for diabetes.

Okay, okay…I can pinpoint two feelings right now: I’m a little concerned I won’t have space in my car and I’m super excited that I’m going to start my internship soon!



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