Summer Reading Part 2

I haven’t kept up with my self-imposed reading schedule I mentioned in the first post about summer reading, mainly because my reading schedule has changed.  My internship program sent out the list of required/suggested reading, as well as the list of books we’ll need for the internship, so I’ve changed things around to give the required books higher priority than the others.

Comparing the reading lists of the four programs we’re going to is interesting.  You can definitely see the focus of each program in our required summer reading.  The ladies headed to an internship with a leadership focus are required to read “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”  The research/public policy internship put a book about politics on its required reading list (the intern couldn’t remember the title) and I’m fairly sure the food service focused internship has a management book on its required reading list.  For my internship at the St. Louis DVA, I’m required to read “The China Study” and “Rosa Lee: A Mother and Her Family in Urban America.”  The focus of my internship program is social health disparities and both books reflect that.  I’ve started “The China Study” and will do a post about it once I’m done reading it.

My internship program also sent me a medical terminology book to study.  It has ten chapters and I’m hoping to get through one chapter a day over the next ten days.  I had already managed to review two chapters of the medical terminology book my MNT class used so I’m feeling pretty good about it.  I will have a medical terminology test the first day that I have to pass.  (That’s one thing the leadership-focused DI has in common with my program.  Those interns will also have a medical terminology exam the first day.)

So, for anyone who is reading this to get an idea what a DI is all about, well, you won’t be done with assigned reading!  And take a medical terminology course (many community colleges offer them, if your school doesn’t) or review a medical terminology book, if it isn’t already a requirement in your DPD program.


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