Summer Reading


Shortly after my stress session about not hearing from my internship, I heard from my internship.  While some of my friends in other internships will have case studies to do over the summer, my internship program will be sending me a medical terminology book and a list of books required for the internship – two of which I will have to read before the internship begins.

The letter from my internship program also suggested that  we prepare by expanding our knowledge of “nutritional content of foods” and learning about foods and food preparation that might be unfamiliar to us since we’ll be working with people from many different cultures.  There was also a suggestion to browse through cookbooks and food magazines to see what food trends are out there and to also learn about new foods.   I’m also picking up the occasional fitness magazine to see what’s the latest trends in diets, because I’m a little out of the loop when it comes to fad diets.


So while I wait for my official reading list to arrive, I’ve been working on my own unofficial reading list.  I’ve got a stack of DPG newsletters, AND journals, Food & Nutrition issues, and Nutrition Action newsletters that I didn’t have time to get to during the hectic last few months.  I’m also poking around the DPG websites to see what announcements I may have missed.

Also on my reading list is a list of books I don’t want to haul with me on my move.  These books weren’t worth anything through the Amazon buyback program, so I plan on donating them to the local library after I re-read them. Still, they’re on my list to re-read, just to make sure they’re books I don’t want.  (Yes, I do get rid of books.  Many years of constantly moving has taught me that while I love to read, I really don’t like hauling lots and lots of books around.  I always get a library card within the first few days of moving to a new place, though.)


So I’ve been reading through those, in addition to trying to review one chapter every other day from the medical terminology book that I had to use for my MNT class this last school year.  If I mix in two MNT topics a week, I feel like I should be ready when it comes to the start of my internship.


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