Farmers Markets

Slim on Soup

Slim on Soup: Your Waistline S.O.S.

So one of the jobs I’m working during the summer is “Summer Marketing Intern” for Slim On Soup.  This means I’m working at either the Western Wake Farmers Market or the South Durham Farmers Market, sampling and selling a bunch of delicious soups (all vegan, gluten-free, and no added salt!)  Slim on Soup was created by and is owned by Cara Demu, RD, so it’s been a great way for me to get insight on nutrition entrepreneurship and food system management.  Plus, whenever I’m working with Cara, I can ask for advice on the upcoming internship or ask for stories about her time in clinical nutrition.  And I’m not the only one doing that – most of us who are working with Cara for the summer are nutrition students. It’s all around a wonderful  experience for a dietetics/nutrition student.

squash flowers from Open Door Farm

Aren’t these squash flowers from Open Door Farm tasty looking? Well, they were tasty!

The last few weeks, I’ve been at the South Durham Farmers Market and let me tell you – it’s a blast.  We’re usually between Ninth Street Bakery (amazing bread and the coffee fix for everyone at market) and Open Door Farm.  Last week, I picked up some squash flowers from Open Door Farm.  Since I moved out to NC, I hadn’t seen squash flowers for sale anywhere, so I was thrilled to finally have some again.  (I ate squash flower quesadillas every week at the Ocean Beach Farmers Market back in San Diego, CA.)  Yes, squash flowers are tasty.  If you’re looking for how to each squash flowers, check out this post from The Kitchn.

I feel that every dietetics/nutrition student with an interest in local foods should work at a farmers market at least once.  (Or a food science student or an environmental science student…)  If you’re a member of the HEN DPG, definitely try to get experience working in a farmers market.  All that you learn about local food in class becomes more real, more than just what we read in textbooks.  We end up talking with a lot of the other vendors, helping each other out, and, because we’re there before everyone else, we get first dibs on a lot of the produce!  We get our sweet potatoes for our Sweet Potato & Peanut soup from one of the other vendors, so just about every week, you can see a box of sweet potatoes hiding under our tables.  And as hot as these last few weeks have been, getting lemonade from Aida’s Turnovers has been the popular thing to do.

Stop on by the South Durham Farmers Market sometime.  You can get a tasty, locally-sourced meal for the day at the market: one of our soups, bread from Ninth Street Bakery to sop up the soup, cheese from Hillsborough Cheese Co (which goes great on the bread), a salad from any of the many delightful farm stands, and, if you’re a meat-eater, some meat from Walters Unlimited (their pork sausage is a popular addition to our Kale, White Bean, and Tomato soup).  For desert, check out the Roasted Strawberry Goat Cheese Ice Cream from Locopops.

beets and radishes

Beautiful beets and radishes from Hurtgen Meadows


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