Possessions Purge – Books and Notes

I like to think that I’m very good at keeping my possessions to a minimum, living simply, and keeping only things that I use and need.  However, every time I move, I find myself doing a “possessions purge.”  I critically eye my possessions and decide what to get rid of before the move.  This sometimes lasts right up until the day of the move, and I end up giving a lot of things away to friends.

Well, this move’s possessions purge has begun.  And it starts with my books and my school papers.

So what to keep and what to toss?  I’ve already sold back some of my textbooks, but the general consensus from my friends who are interns or RDs is that that I need to keep all of my MNT books.  I’ve already sold back or plan to sell back my books from classes that dealt with food in society, culture, food service management, statistics, and politics. (For some of the classes, I didn’t even bother buying or renting the books – I borrowed from friends or the library.)

But what to do about my notes? I never preferred to take my notes digitally, like many of my classmates.  I very much preferred pen and paper.  I can’t help but feel that if I used my laptop to take notes, I’d get distracted by something else.  Too often, I’d look over and see my classmates goofing off on Facebook and not taking notes.  While I did take my laptop a couple of times and take my notes digitally, most of my notes are on paper.  Which means I have multiple three-inch three-ring binders that look like they’re about to burst.  Plus, it’s not just my notes – a lot of my projects and essays are in the mix, too.

I don’t really want to take an entire storage container of class notes when I move, so I’ve been staring at the container, contemplating what to do.  I don’t want to just toss them all in the recycle, but I don’t want to take them with me.  I think I’ll sort through the notes and determine what can be recycled without a second thought (vocab quizzes are SO gone).  As for things I may want to reference again, I think I’ll take them all to be scanned so I have those in digital format.  A USB memory stick is a lot lighter than a tub full of binders and papers.

So even though I may not have taken my notes digitally, they’ll end up digital anyways.


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