Getting Advice

Sometimes I think I annoy my friends with all my questions about the DI.

See, I ended up coming into a flexible DPD/MS program where you could cram everything in into two years or you can take your time up to five, if you wanted the DPD.  (Masters you could take as long as you wanted.)  I took 2.5 years, starting in the middle of the school year.  It ended up working out really well for me, as I met: people who already were RDs and were coming back for a Masters; people who did the Spring 2011 DI application and were interns for 2011-2012; people who did the 2012 DI application and were interns for 2012-2013; and of course, people who would graduate with me and do the 2013 DI application.

During the spring 2011 Match, I paid very little attention to the whole process, but listened to the complaints and comments that everyone had.  Then, in Spring 2012, one of my closer friends at school was going through the application process, so I paid close attention and learned everything I needed to do.  By Spring 2013, I knocked out that application (was still stressed out, though!) and got Matched.

All throughout the process, I pestered people with questions.  I wanted to know what they did to get in.  I wanted to know what people had told them that ended up being completely wrong.  And what had been completely right.  What would be the hard part?

Now, the application process is over for me (thank goodness!) so I’ve been asking all the RDs and interns I work with things like: 

  • What do I need to prep?
  • What topic should I concentrate on reviewing?
  • What was the most expensive part of the internship?
  • Did you work during your internship?  Think I could have a part-time job?
  • Did you need your computer/printer/cellphone/etc during the internship?

They’ve all been super patient with me and haven’t smacked me yet, so I’m guessing that they remember what it was like.  Maybe one day I’ll have someone asking me a lot of questions about the DI and the DI process.


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