Countdown to internship: less than a hundred days to go!

Right now, my dietetic internship start date is too far away (94 days) for me to do a daily countdown.  Saying “I have 94 days to go!” doesn’t quite have the urgency to it that would make it sound right.  So, for now, I’m going with “Ahhh!  I have about 3 months to get ready!”

Now, I’m the kind of person who did a lot of prep work for the DI application process and I started more than a year before the application even opened.  (My mom, at one point, even asked me, “Are you still working on that?  You’ve been doing that for a long time now!”)  So it makes perfect sense for me to do prep work for the actual DI.

Some internships will send you homework to do before the internship begins.  This pre-internship work is usually designed to give you a refresher of things you learned in class – things the internship director thinks you’re most likely to encounter in your rotations.  Some current interns I know hated doing those, but during their internships, they raved about how much the pre-internship work was useful.

I don’t know if my internship will send me pre-internship work – I haven’t heard about that yet.  One thing my MNT instructor suggested our class do was to make cards to use as “cheat sheets.”  The suggestion was to put the disorder/diagnosis at the top of the card and then list all the important assessment and discussion points, along with the key source for information.  I really like that idea and will make it my goal to finish at least two of those per week.

What else do I need to?  Let me list out all the things (I think) I need to do over the next three months to prep for my DI:

  • Review MNT & make “cheat sheets” for referral  (or at least find all the government provided ones, like this one for hypertension
  • Read over my Lifecycle notes (especially pediatrics)
  • Read over my Food Systems Management notes
  • Review medical terminology

I think that will be a good start for the reviewing the content of things I’ll need to know.  But what about everything else?

  • Get health check done by doctor & get proof that I’m vaccinated for just about everything
  • Go through my closet and make decisions regarding my professional wear
  • Find a place to live in my new city
  • Move (just before the internship starts)
  • Take my car to the mechanic to make sure it can survive the move and then some
  • Continuing working (3 jobs) over the summer so I’ll have a good cushion of money before the start of the internship
  • Exercise & eat right, so I’m healthy when I start the internship
  • Try to do some fun things so I don’t become a grumpy old lady
  • Try to get plenty of sleep each night so I don’t become a zombie


Oh, boy.


I can do all that.




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